Grazing Picnic Pack

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Two of our award winning cheeses, two deli meats. Served with: Smoked Sun-dried Tomatoes, Olives, Toasted Flatbread + & Bottle
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- Brie de Meaux (The King of Bries) - Meaux, France
- Barber's Farmhouse Vintage Cheddar - Somerset, England
- Mild Sopressa
- Champagne Ham
Served with: Smoked Sun-dried Tomatoes, Stuffed & Sicilian Green Olives, Toasted Flatbread.
Plus Lavosh, Waterthin's, Smoked Almonds, Dill Pickles & Chutney.
(Gluten-Free Crackers Available)

Select 1x from a choice of the following Bottles of Wine:

  • Da Luca Prosecco
  • 821 Sauvignon Blanc
  • La Vielle Ferme Rose
  • Seppelt 'The Drives' Shiraz
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